The Economics of Education Laboratory (LEE, for the Spanish original) is an initiative of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana that researches, evaluates, analyzes and provides quantitative information on the educational system. This is how LEE aims to guide decision making, as well as the development of innovations and effective educational policies to promote the transformation of education in Colombia.



We process information, carry out analysis and monitor the behavior of the Colombian educational system.


We provide technical support on educational issues to municipal and departmental secretariats, schools and the national government, among other agents.


We provide evidence to guide decision making and the design of effective and innovative educational policies.


We support the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative initiatives aimed at promoting quality, relevance, equality and educational inclusion in the country.


We conduct thorough research that identifies and quantifies phenomena present in the educational system, with a view to promoting a real and significant impact on the country's educational transformation.

Raise Awareness

We share the information in a friendly language to give an account of the country's current situation and educational challenges.


Radiography of basic and secondary education in Colombia from the guarantee of the right to education.

Cycle of conferences 'La Educación al Derecho' of the IDEP Bogotá (Institute for Educational Research and Pedagogical Development). November 25 - 2 pm

We share our findings, analysis and proposals on
aspects of education and its challenges in Colombia.