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Between 2016 and 2018, the largest drop in enrollment occurred in Industrial Engineering, Food and related programs (with an average decrease of -17%), while theVer más
Higher Education Forecasts   Without the pandemic, the predictive model already estimated that the declining trend in first-year (or first-semester) higher education enrollment would continueVer más
Students may be more exposed to the spread of COVID-19 depending on the means of transportation used to get to their schools.   In Colombia,Ver más
In Colombia, there are only 416 undergraduate programs with a virtual methodology and they are primarily for university training.   Virtual undergraduate programs serve 7%Ver más
The mental and physical health of students must be looked after. In Colombia, 50% of middle school students said that they felt sad sometimes orVer más
COVID-19 raises new challenges to addressing higher education in Colombia. The use of new tools and learning models, which encourage the development of new skillsVer más
COVID-19 could increase the country’s repetition and dropout rates.   The average grade repetition rate in Colombia is about 2% per year. The average dropoutVer más
The decline in academic performance is not the only consequence that will be caused by COVID-19.   The shutdown of public schools for long periodsVer más
Do teachers have the technical and pedagogical skills to teach virtual classes in Colombia?   48% of public school principals in the country believe thatVer más
Are the country’s public middle schools prepared to implement virtual lessons if classes are suspended due to COVID-19?   More than half of the studentsVer más

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