We share our findings, analysis and proposals on aspects of education and its challenges in Colombia.

Statistical analysis reports

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Policy recommendations

Facts and recommendations to address the negative effects of COVID-19 on Colombian education

At a time when approximately ten million Colombian students are at home, parents are trying to be teachers and teachers are trying out new tools...

Higher education in times of COVID-19: State of the art and prospects

The training of human capital is an engine of progress and growth for countries (Romer, 1989; Alatas, 2016)...

Academic Publications and Working Papers

Degree projects directed by
Luz Karime Abadía, Co-director of LEE

  • Cesar Vega (2018). Relationship between the school day and youth risk activities in Colombia.
  • Katherine Turpo (2019). Gender gaps in Peruvian academic performance
  • Luis Eduardo (2020). Lagging transition to higher education, a view from the student dropout
  • Lady Moreno (2020). Private returns of university education in Colombia: analysis based on tuition and opportunity costs.

Degree projects directed
by Gloria Bernal, Co-director of LEE

  • Juan José Florez Wandurraga (2021*) Could access to a computer and the Internet at home make a difference in students' performance on state tests?
  • Ana Yudy Vera y Harrison Sandoval (2019) Do schools that are exposed to competition factors have better Saber 11 test scores than those that are not? The case of Bogotá D.C. Submitted and under review. To be defended.
  • Oskar Quintero (2018). Effects of High Quality Accreditation on the Added Value of State Tests. Winner of the ICFES 2018 call for research papers.
  • Nathalia Lesmes and Catalina Vallejo (2018). Incompatibility between individuals' study preferences and their career choice. Case applied to Colombia. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana repository.
  • Niny López (2017). Does the school meal program help improve academic performance? Assessment of the School Meal Program (PAE, for the Spanish original) in Colombia. Vniversitas Económica. Vol. 17, No. 11. Winner of junior research grant ICFES 2016.